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Naturally flavored hemp protein blends

Introducing naturally flavored raw hemp protein blends for even more enjoyment .

All our raw hemp protein blends are produced mechanically by grinding and sieving the press cake of the finest Canadian hemp seeds, naturally flavored, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.

Since the flavor of the raw hemp protein powder is gently nutty and not everybody appreciates, we have been thinking for some time how to make the taste of hemp protein more attractive, especially for the performance segment.
At the beginning, we were positive, that we do not want to flavor the protein by any means and we decided, that we will use only natural, raw flavoring ingredients.
After several month of testing of different flavorings, we are introducing flavored hemp protein powders for both kids and adults.

You can use our blends in your nutritious shakes (milk, water, juice), or in yogurt, with cereals, in puddings and pancakes .
Please discover some favorite hemp shake recipes in our hemp cookbook :

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