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Canadian organic hemp seed production is unsustainable.

We encourage anyone entering into a large hemp food project, not to consider organic hemp seed supply, as our offer is limited and unsustainable.

Last week we have received from Hemp Oil Canada Inc. new pricing valid from October 1st 2015, and yet again we can see average 15% increase in price of organic hemp seed products (organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp seed protein, organic hulled hemp seed)

We have been witnessing similar increase in prices of organic production year by year.
The reason behind higher prices is the demand for organic products as a whole is increasing by 20% per annum, while the organic acres upon which these crops are grown is either flat or declining.
There is no way for Hemp Oil Canada to continue to secure more acres each and every year to match the dramatic growth of this niche sector.
Anyone wanting organic must face the fact that supply not only be an issue to consider when launching a product with organic content, but it will be an option that offers the possibility of zero growth.

Nonetheless, we do have natural hemp products available and it is in steady supply and prices if needed. Currently, there are no in crop registered pesticides (herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) in Canada for the production of hemp for food. Thus, all naturally produced hemp foods by Hemp Oil Canada are grown without the use of in-crop pesticides.


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