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Legal and quality CBD supply

Recently, we’ve been receiving inquiries about CBD hemp oil.

Well, Hemp Seed Oil Ltd is representing Hemp Oil Canada in Europe, thus marketing only 100% legal products made from hemp seed.
Our hemp seed oil contains only traces of THC (usually less than 5 ppm) and no measurable levels of CBD.
It is because hemp seed naturally does not contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD etc.), only as a slight contamination from the flowers of the mother plant.
If you want to learn more about the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD extracts misbranded and marketed as hemp oil, read Hemp Industries Assotiation’s position on this topic.
However, when sourcing CBD extract in the EU, be aware, that the EU has no common policy on the accepted level of cannabinoid contamination in hemp food and the content of THC in such extracts can be as high as 0,2% (2000ppm)
Most of the big hemp product buyers have adopted the recommendations of the German burro for food safety (BgVV) which sets the limit for THC in oil at 5ppm, drinks 5ppb and other food products 0,15ppm.
Good news is, that for those who wish to distribute legal products that contain CBD we can recommend CBDepot.eu and their 3 products that contain between 1-5% of CBD and THC below detection limit, rendering these products the only 100% legal source of CBD products on the EU market.


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