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Hemp Oil Canada Inc merges with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

This week, we have received an exciting news from Shaun Crew, the CEO of Hemp Oil Canada Inc, we are representing in EU.
Check out what has Shaun to share:

“As of the close of business yesterday December 14th, Hemp Oil Canada (HOCI) entered into an agreement to merge and consolidate interests with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods – a portfolio company of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI).
Hemp Oil Canada has been purchased for CAD $42 Million (not including working capital and some other adjustments).
This merger is the perfect match!
HOCI is the leader in bulk, wholesale hemp food ingredients, while Manitoba Harvest is the leader in retail branded hemp food products.
We are united under the same mission – “to manufacture and market the highest quality hemp food products to the world”.
I will remain as President of HOCI and along with the rest of our Senior Management Team, we will continue to manage the HOCI operations.
There will be no major changes to our team. Our facilities and operational offices will remain in Ste. Agathe.
For all intents and purposes, it will be Business as Usual!
Uniting with Manitoba Harvest will mean greater capacity to ensure everyone can enjoy hemp food products. Operational and products innovation will be intensified. More opportunities will be available to our farm producer partners. It is exciting times on all fronts!
I want to personally thank you for supporting my dream and vision for this industry!
The future is bright with this strategic merger of the two industry pioneers.”


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