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Dr.Omega hemp seed oil prevails!

Dr.Omega is the retail brand of Hemp Seed Oil Europe Ltd. for different organic quality hemp foods.

We have developed the brand 3 years ago with an intention to start community sales with it, thus helping to promote hemp foods among end consumers.
For different reasons this intention has never came into existence.
Having this beautiful brand we thought, that it would be a pity just to leave it behind us.
Two years ago, we started to license Dr. Omega brand to our private label customers across Europe who wished to sell ready to sell hemp foods on their local markets but did not have their own brand at that time.
Since then, Dr. Omega is present on the markets in Czech republic, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands.
Dr. Omega offers all hemp foods in premium quality that Hemp Seed Oil Europe Ltd. offers in bulk too: http://www.hempseedoil.eu/superfood
In November Dr. Omega cold pressed hemp seed oil excelled at international cannabis show Cannafest 2012 in Prague.
If you think about selling organic hemp foods on your market but you don’t have your own retail brand, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.


Our Product Certifications

EU Organic
Canada Organic
USDA Organic
Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association