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Hemp Protein Powder 33%

Hemp Protein Powder 33%

Milled press cake, aka HempFlour from the hemp seed contains more than 40% of fiber, which is most of all commercial crops used to produce flour.


Hemp Protein Powder 33%

Why Hemp Flour?
Our hemp flour is a baker’s delight!
Plant-based and naturally gluten-free, it is a versatile and flavorful flour alternative for vegetarians, vegans and people with gluten-intolerance.

Applicable claims
High: Fibre, Protein, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese
Source of: Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin), Vitamin B9 (Folate), Zinc
Low: Saturates, Sugar, very low Sodium/Salt

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